BubbleFun game (7 days game-jam)

TL;DR: link to play

This summer I had a chance to participate in a 7 days game-jam. The target was to make a bubble shooter game. 7 days duration is enough to make a playable prototype – it’s like a regular duration of the igdc.ru contests.

The game uses gameclosure engine.

Before start coding I checked similar games in the market. The most I liked Angry Birds POP and I used it as the reference.

I planned to implement level rotation same as here. But unfortunately it was not enough time for it.

Level design wasn’t the priority so I just copied 6 nice levels from the Angry Birds game.

The game contains some hexagonal math. I found the good reference here.

The most interesting part was collisions. I didn’t use circle vs circle collisions at all. I check two line segments vs circle. Segments are parallel and they are taken from the current ball move direction + radius. Collisions are detected by projecting the circle center on the segment and checking the distance to the circle center. I also find the contact point to render the trajectory.

You can find the sources here: https://github.com/Division/bubblefun/
Play: http://bubblefun.xogames.org